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About Us

Background :-
Founded in the year 1958 and started with manufacture of Motor starters. Gradually shifted to manufacture of Low Tension Switchgear, Miniature Circuit Breakers and Distribution Equipments etc. according to the latest National and International standards. The Factory area is approx. 14000 sq. yards and campus spread in an area of 5 acres approx. It is an ISO 9001:2008 company certified by DET NORSKE VERITAS vide Certificate No. 04136-2006-AQ-IND-RvA Rev. 01 & meeting all the standards required for electrical equipments & technical capabilities. Due to our well equipped infrastructure, we were constantly motivated to add Railway equipments to our manufacturing programme and as such we shifted our activities to Railways in the year 2000 and now added the following equipments and many more which are regularly supplied to Railways to their entire satisfaction as part II & I approved by RDSO, Lucknow, RCF, Kapurthala, ICF and All Zonal Railways.
We are manufacturing and trading the following items :-
Switch Board Cabinets all types, Control Panels for Radiator and Ventilator, Battery Charging Control Panel, Air Inlet Duct, Battery Fuse Boxes +ve & -ve, Power Panel, Set of Panel and Driver Desk Panel, MCB Panel Arrangement, Feeder Junction Boxes, Cable Harness all types, Nylon Bushes and Acetal Guide Bushes & Rings, Insulation, Railway coil Springs for LHB coaches, Axle Box Pivot Bush, Cable Jacket System, Flexa Make End Fitting & Conduit Pipe, Aluminum Flexible Ducting Pipe and Purg-O-Mat with shut of valve etc.

Although our company was established in the year 1958 but since the year 2000 i.e. in short span of time. Our products meant for Railways have become synonymous with top quality and performance under all stringent conditions. Our highly skilled team of personnel are actively involved under the guidance of highly qualified Directors, Engineers with designs & development of equipment for Railways & continue to operate with total quality equipment along with flawless customer service support.
Arrangement with foreign companies :-
We are also representing exclusively many foreign German companies which are OEM supplies & approved in Part I such as Flexa for conduits, LPDN for secondary springs, Langen & Sondermann for primary springs, MGN for Axle box pivot bush, insulation etc. and the above items are being regularly supplied with entire satisfaction.
Management :-
The Managing Director and Directors are all Engineering/graduates & degree holders and graduates in their respective fields and are well versed and experienced in their line of work for many years.